AALL feature, enhance, build & innovate child brains with our unique AALL lab concept.

Customized Welcome Kit for Student.

100% Nutrition Food, 0% Junk and Weekly Health & Fitness Checkup Camp.

Tones and Creative Activities for all age. (Studying & Creating Development Domains)

Why Eziplay School


High Teacher to Child Ratio

Eziplay School has high teacher to child ratio for personalized learning is 1:10.

Best-in-class Facilities & amenities

Facilities and amenities are best in class for their security, hygiene, and maintenance.

High Parental Involvement

Through frequent interactions, parental involvement is high in working of the preschool.

Fully Structured Curriculum

Eziplay School follows a structured curriculum, which is as per International Standards.

Enabled with CCTV Surveillance System

Personal safety of students, teachers and other stakeholders, Occupational health and safety, Behaviour monitoring, Protection of building infrastructure assets and learning tools (e.g. laptop and lot more).

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn


Learning things fast

If she grows up with praise, she will start appreciating….– Wellington Stephne

Creative ways of study

it's good to know that there are plenty of creative ways to study that will help you excel academically.– Gaurav Kumar

Like a mother’s care

Eziplay School creates happy and well adjusted individuals for the society.– Sangeeta

Experimentation Nurtures Creativity


Building Confidence

We care for our child and involve them in multi-Players games, this helps in better decision making. We help child by managing tacking.

Creative Expressions

We keep focus on giving our child right information through right expression. This helps their parents.

Sports Builds Up Intelligence

We have lots of option for our child to play more and more.

Interaction Based Methods

We keep more focus on learning through interaction method, this builds more confidence in child.

We write to read


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